Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Getting there

Well I gave myself a pat on the back when I first Twittered, then it was a Facebook post. Now as I am almost done with the website I am looking to other areas that need attention. That is the blog.
I of course, like most people, don't want to have to write a blog and umpteen posts and would love to have everything linked together.

I started to look and see if I could get an app that would automatically post all the aspects at once.  Initially an internet search threw up an app for Facebook called Networked Blogs.  This is an embedded program in Facebook.  Once you have written your blog you can see it in a selection of followed blogs within your facebook page.  From there you can publish it to your wall, to twitter or email.  Overall this works but it still requires you to log on to facebook after you have written and published the blog, to post it to the social sites.  Also it posts to your personal wall and not to the company page, whilst for some things that may be alright, I would like the blog to be more for the company. The other thing is with the rise of Google plus, I would like that to be included too, not asking for much am I?

So last night I tried something different, I set up a RSS feed to my twitter account using twitterfeed, and was able to successfully send my blog test to my business twitter page.  Today I set up the facebook link and was pleasantly surprised that you are able to link to the company page and not have to post to my personal profile.  Twitterfeed feeds to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, but not as yet Google+, so I still have to find a way to do that.  Certainly if you wish an easy way of sending automatically your blog from Blogger to twitter and Facebook, then twitterfeed seems to fit the bill.

I'm a happy blogger today because I'm getting there!!

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