Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Totally Zentangled

Had a fab weekend with the chance to get out to the craft show at the Trafford Centre, Manchester. One of the things we saw whilst there was Zentangle. It's a fab form of doodling. Just the sort of thing you do whilst eating lunch and is a craze that is currently sweeping America.
My friend got the beginners book and one for my daughter for Christmas though it was too good not to have a go myself.

Here's what I doodled at lunch

Not bad just using a scrap of paper and a ball point pen. To do it properly you need a fine pen and squares of paper they call tiles, but the principle is the same.

I also had a look on the web and came across some excellent site for tile ideas
Tangled Patterns which are excellent for lots of tangle patterns including strings. Also The Tangled Penguin which has a good start for beginners patterns.

I have already had some ideas as to how to use the patterns for infil in stamped images, diecut shapes and embroidery, now I just need loads of time to do more!!!.

As I see good patterns and instructions I will bookmark them on my Pinterest page. Check it out if you fancy having a go.

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