Monday, 7 January 2013

Updates to the Crafty Craft site.

Well 2013 has arrived and along with a New Years resolution of trying to write more blogs, I have resolved to try and increase the rating on my website.
In order to do that I really must attend to it far more often and not leave it languishing in the background.

The Crafty Craft Web site

To that end I have started by including a link on the site that gives the customer a greater choice when it comes to garment decoration.
This area of the site was limited in choice with only polo shirts, sweats and hoodies as options for decoration.  Using the link now will take the customer to a complete catalogue enabling them to select from a wide range of garments suitable for decorating including Soft shell, Fleece Outerwear and Workwear.

So if you are looking for some workwear or leisure wear embroidering, check out the web site.

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