Saturday, 16 March 2013

To sell or not to sell, that was the question

It's been a busy end to the week, what with the Sefton Women In Business meeting on Thursday night and a Sales training course run by 6th Door yesterday.

As ever the WIB is a great networking forum and as it is only my second meeting I am still finding plenty of new people to meet and build contacts with.  We were all hoping that we could hear a great talk by Claire Robertson, the founder of Wellworths, but unfortunately she had to cancel at the last minute.  In her place we were treated to an interesting interview with Claire Wright of Zenith Art.
Good food, excellent company and the opportunity to develop the business made for a fantastic evening.

The next morning saw myself and a number of others attend a Sales seminar run by Chris Dawson of 6th Door.

This was an event, aimed at giving the top line on selling especially useful for the non sales person.  It was ideally pitched at the small business as it covered all aspects of the selling process.  Chris also ensured that all the participants had the opportunity to identify what aspect of selling they found most difficult and he made sure that these points were addressed.
What I really liked about the course was that it gave me a focus and a starting point to take forward the selling side of the business.  As a technical person I usually act like an ostrich and not do anything.  As I have understood from yesterday, doing nothing will get me nowhere, but doing something, anything will improve my chances of generating business.
Hats off to Chris, it was a great course.

If you are interested in brushing up your selling skills, I would recommend 6th Door. You can find his site here- 6th Door

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