Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Alternatives to eBay

I read an interesting article from The Online Seller today, where the author investigated some alternative auction sites to eBay. Having regularly used eBay and slowly getting annoyed with the increased cost and restrictions imposed on sellers, I was keen to investigate some possible alternatives.
The first two seemed very promising, webstore.com and ebid.

I looked at webstore.com first and it sounds just what I would like to use.  The main disadvantage with this is that there are ads on the site, however this pays for the auctions and so there are no fees.

The second site is ebid.  I was able to find a UK version of this site and I am aware that there are other ebid sites covering most of the world.  The main advantage of this site are the fees, which are lower than those of eBay.

A complete comparison of auction sites can be found at Online Auction Sites Review.  

I have just taken out a seller membership with both ebid and webstore which was fairly straight forward to do and will see how each of them it stack up against eBay with the same set of listings.  Watch this space....

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