Tuesday, 14 August 2012

QR Codes, what they are, and where they are.

QR codes stand for quick response codes and are a modern 2D barcode that is able to convey far more information that old traditional ones. Originally developed for the automotive industry, they are being used increasingly in today’s society with the capability of new smartphones being able to decipher the code using nothing more that a free downloadable app. QR codes are set to explode in popularity this year, so it may be worthwhile for you to start generating your own.

The information carried is varied, from a direct link to a web page or social media site to, vcard download, event notification or even an email or text message.

This is what one looks like

How you read them:
Your smartphone will decode the QR using a downloadable app. There are many on the market for all the genre of phones now, some better that others. Check the current reviews for which are suitable. 
Just download you chosen app, open and using the phone’s inbuilt camera scan the code. The app will then action the code command, be that opening the web page, drafting the first part of a text or email, or showing you where a company is on google maps.

Finding QR Codes

More and more these are becoming apparent around the place. You can find them on flyers for promotional events

In shops promoting online store

Business cards, t shirts and other printed material. (labels)

I have just put it at the bottom of my invoices

How else can they be used. Well the opportunities are endless, on printed materials they can be on mugs and coasters, calendars and other freebies that are given away. You could have labels done, for adding to items that you make. I have used them to update business cards. Or using clear labels, add them to brochures or smaller ones I have added on envelopes. Have a look at my pinterest board, I have some examples there.

How would you use yours?

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